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At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors in Urbandale, we love working with all types of people who need new lighting. While homeowners are always looking for new lighting ideas, builders, commercial clients, and many others also need fixtures for new homes, restaurants, apartment buildings, and more.


The right lighting can completely change the way your customers see your business, how you feel at home, and how inspired you feel in any given moment. We offer lighting solutions to meet any goal. From creating the ideal lobby space for your hotel to completely changing the way you use your home office, we can provide upgrades from quality, trustworthy brands in order to give you the best possible results.


For more than 30 years, our lighting store has proudly served central Iowa. Now, with close to 200 vendors and American Lighting Association (ALA) certified team members on our side, we proudly claim the title of “ Central Iowa’s largest lighting showroom.” Our locally owned business believes in educating our customers so they feel ready to select the best possible lighting for their upcoming projects. It would be our pleasure to do the same for you.


We offer the following products to homeowners, business developers, contractors, and anyone else who is ready to enhance their space:

- Decorative lighting
- Ceiling fans
- Floor and table lamps
- Lampshades and lamp parts
- Mirrors
- Artwork
- Cabinet lighting

- Recessed cans
- Landscape lighting
- Track lighting
- Light bulbs
- Select home accessories and accent furniture
- Lighting controls

With complimentary delivery and warranty services for our trade customers, we promise to go the extra mile to ensure you have the best possible experience with our team. If you have an existing fixture that is damaged or in need of restoration, then we can offer expert repair services.





Building a new home is quite the undertaking, no matter if you’re the homeowner or the builder. As a builder, you want to provide nothing but the best for your client, and that means finding the perfect lighting for every space, both indoors and out. We carry everything from ceiling fans to cabinet lighting, making it easy to find what you need once the construction process is underway. With access to a wide range of styles and materials, you can match any trend that the homeowner prefers. Both the homeowner and builder can be assured that by working with one of our team members, we will guide you to selecting lights that will not only fit correctly, but provide the optimal light for every room.



Commercial businesses, including everything from hotels and restaurants to offices and conference centers, need the right lighting. The lighting design of your building is what creates the ambience that makes people feel welcome, as well as how your employees are able to do their jobs on a daily basis. Whether you’re going for professional and sophisticated, or fun and casual, our team can help you choose the best lighting for any commercial setting.



Tradespeople, including electricians, contractors, and interior designers, work on a number of different projects throughout the course of the year. Your job is to take a new or existing space and turn it into something extraordinary. With lighting options from Spectrum, you can find amazing fixture ideas that you can take to your clients and show how they fit into their vision. It doesn’t matter if you’re wiring an entire house as an electrician or decorating a new living room as an interior designer — our team is ready to help you!



If you’re a homeowner looking for new lighting, it can be extremely beneficial to have a team you can rely on to help you make the best decisions for each room. You have ideas or a vision for what you want each room to look like, but you might not be sure where to begin. We can look at what ideas you have and provide recommendations on fixture style and size, as well as answer your questions regarding design and layout. After all, it’s your home and you deserve to have lighting that is absolutely amazing!



Remodeling a home requires a lot of time, money, and energy, but what keeps you going is the vision of how things will look when you’re finished. You might be a DIY homeowner who’s working on their kitchen or bathroom, or you may be a professional contractor who specializes in home renovations. Whatever the case may be, lighting is likely at the top of your list of things that need to be updated. There’s no point in leaving old lights in place once the room around them has been transformed, and we can help you decide which fixtures will be best based on your new room design, layout, and more.



At Spectrum, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and selection when it comes to lighting and interior design. Our showroom is filled with outstanding options, and we offer consultation and restoration services that can help you pick out your new lighting or give new life to your old fixtures. Whatever you need, you can count on us to be there every step of the way.



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