4 Ways to Update Your Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

4 Ways to Update Your Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

27th Apr 2022 Staff

If you are looking around your backyard or at your office's outdoor space and thinking that your outdoor lighting needs an update, it's time to visit Spectrum Lighting & Interiors. Our lighting showroom in Urbandale is the largest in Iowa. Below, we'll offer some tips to update your landscape and outdoor lighting. Contact us to get started today!

LED Lighting

If you really want to brighten things up, consider updating your landscape and outdoor lighting to LED lighting. LED lighting offers energy efficiency, durability, ease of installation, and they are affordable. Plus, you'll love the look and feel they will give your outdoor space.

Add Uplighting

Uplighting is a great way to bring attention to some of your favorite outdoor landscaping elements, such as a pond, water fountain, or statue. Many people love to uplight their trees, too, which creates a very cool effect and ambiance that many enjoy.

Light Your Pathways

Not only are lighted pathways great for safety, but they truly make your outdoor landscaping stand out from the crowd. Lighted pathways create an almost mystical effect as if you are walking into a whole other world.

Consider Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting brings out the best nostalgia anywhere. Most of us have eaten at restaurants characterized by bistro lighting, and by bringing this lighting to your outdoor space, you'll craft warm memories, too.


Spectrum Lighting & Interiors offers the best exterior and landscape lighting in Urbandale. From posts and bollards to path lighting and more, we've got your needs covered. Shop in-person at our lighting showroom or online today!

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