Sunroom Lighting Renovations You'll Love

Sunroom Lighting Renovations You'll Love

31st Aug 2022 Staff

There are so many positive benefits to sunlight for you, such as helping with vitamin D and promoting great mental health, that having a sunroom in your Urbandale home just makes sense. Spectrum Lighting & Interiors offers top-rated indoor and outdoor lighting options for residential and commercial customers in Urbandale. Learn some great sunroom lighting renovations, and shop online today!


Since your sunroom gets a lot of sunlight, you'll probably need to cool it down a bit at times. By adding a ceiling fan from our local lighting store, you'll be able to ensure your sunroom is the perfect temperature all year long.

Table Lamp

When reading or even on your computer, it's important to have the best task lighting possible. Even though your Urbandale sunroom receives a large amount of light, you may need to supplement it on cloudy days or after the sun has set. Consider a table lamp to do so.


Track lighting is a versatile lighting option that can serve your sunroom well. Most track lighting is directional lighting, meaning you can move it to shine where needed. This allows you to tailor your lighting to your varying uses easily.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide great lighting in-between your windows in your sunroom that you can utilize for your general lighting or task lighting needs. Our wall sconces are available in many different sizes, styles, and finishes to suit your home decor needs. Ask a lighting specialist for great advice today.


If you are looking for the best sunroom lighting in and near Urbandale, Spectrum Lighting & Interiors has got you covered. Our team of certified lighting specialists and designers are here to help. You can schedule an appointment or simply stop by our lighting store to get started today!

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