Update Your Bedroom Lights This Summer

Update Your Bedroom Lights This Summer

16th Jul 2020 Staff

Summer can be the perfect season to update your bedroom lighting. You’re spending more time at home, you’re staying up later, and you’re sleeping in on the weekends. At Spectrum Lighting & Interiors in Urbandale, we can help you find the perfect bedroom light fixtures, including table and floor lamps, ceiling fans, and much more. Visit our showroom today to get started!

New Bedside Lamps

Having the right bedside lamps can make a huge difference in your master bedroom, since they’re the lights you use on a daily basis. You stay up late reading the new book you got, or you scroll through social media before turning in for the night. If your current bedside lamps are looking a bit outdated, then why not update them this summer?

Our showroom offers amazing table lamp options, or, if you prefer, you can install hanging or wall lamps on either side of the bed. The style and design choices are endless, and our team can help you decide which fixtures are best for your home.

A New Ceiling Fan

Iowa summers can be very hot and humid, and even though you have the air conditioner running every day, you still rely on your ceiling fans to keep the house cool and comfortable. It can be very difficult to try to fall asleep in a stuffy or humid bedroom, which is why it’s important to have the right ceiling fan in place. If your existing fan doesn’t move enough air, or it’s beginning to make strange noises, take the opportunity to replace it this summer.

Our team can help you find the right size of ceiling fan for any bedroom in your home, so if the kids are complaining of it being too warm in their room, add a new fan instead of cranking the A/C. Quiet, efficient ceiling fans can actually help you save on energy costs during those sweltering Iowa summers!

New Accent Lighting

While new bedside lamps will add a bit of accent lighting to your bedroom, they’re mostly used for task lighting when you’re reading or using your phone. The ceiling fan can provide ambient light for the majority of the room, but what about accent lighting? If you feel that your bedroom is too dim in certain areas, such as the corners, then add accent fixtures such as floor lamps or wall sconces. Lamps are definitely easier to place, since all you have to do is plug them into an outlet, but if you’re interested in dedicated fixtures such as sconces, we’re here to help.

Adding accent lighting can make a bedroom feel more complete, since you’re illuminating the corners and walls of the room, eliminating any unwanted dark spots and shadows, while also bringing light to the middle layer of the room. Every space needs the right blend of ambient, accent, and task lighting, and your bedroom will likely feel more comfortable and inviting once you add a few more fixtures.

Shop Online Today

Our showroom is open six days a week, but you can view amazing bedroom light fixtures in our online catalog at any time of day or night. You can browse through lamps, ceiling fans, and much more, adding items to your Wish List as you go. Once your list is complete, we can help you purchase new lights over the phone and arrange a time for you to pick up your order or have it shipped to your home.

At Spectrum, we want the bedrooms in your home to be relaxing spaces where you can unwind after a long day and enjoy a good night’s sleep. If you’re looking for new bedroom lighting trends, we’re ready to help however we can.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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